When Do Babies Start To Crawl?
Posted August 16, 2012 by Jaclyn Hill | Follow Jaclyn Hill on Google+
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When Do Babies Start To Crawl?

All parents have the same question in one form or another… when will my baby start crawling?

As each baby develops differently, most usually start crawling between 6 and 9 months. When your baby is ready to start crawling, he or she should be sitting without needing support, indicating that their major muscle groups will be strong enough to support their body. When it’s time, they will be sitting and then slowly begin to rock or pivot onto their behind. They will next go over to their hands and knees. This transition usually happens over the course of a couple of months as they build up strength.

To prepare a baby for crawling, make sure she has enough tummy time to slowly begin strengthening their neck, arms and shoulders. Once on all fours, they will rock back and forth, eventually figuring out that pushing off with their knees results in a forward motion.

Once they are on the move, it is imperative to baby proof your house. Make sure all electrical outlets have protective covers, add cushioning to any hard corners on furniture and be sure that all chemicals, cleaning supplies and anything with sharp edges or breakables are out of reach. This is definitely the time to know where they are at all times to avoid any injuries.