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Personalized Favors
personalized bookmark Our baby shower favors allow you to add personal flair to your special occasion. You are able to choose from a variety of customizable favors to create a memorable keepsake for your guests. These favors can include the option for you to design a tag or sticker which is then applied to each item before the party. The particulars on them consist of custom colors, backgrounds, graphic images, and text that you select to make them your own. Our screen printed glassware will include your chosen design details affixed right on the glass using a state of the art screen printing process.

Each of these items include a button on the page which will open up our easy label designer. This unique overlay allows you to see exactly what your customization will look like by rendering the glass, tag or sticker and showing exactly what it will look like as you choose the various colors and designs. Once you have completed your design, the designer overlay will populate all of your custom selections onto the item with just one click. It could not be easier to add this individual personalization to your favors and it can be quite enjoyable as you let your creative side take over! If you would like our help in navigating through the designer application steps, please email us or call 866-476-0213
All favors include free delivery at no additional cost.

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Pink Baby Sneaker Key Chains
Silver and Pink Pram Keychains
Customized Frosted Glass Candles
Personalized 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses
Crystal Baby Bootie Key Chain
Custom Metallic Label Goody Jars
Personalized Stemless Glass Flutes
Personalized Tavern Style Glasses
Custom Designed Tall Glasses
Custom Candle Holder Shot Glass
Custom Traditional Shot Glasses
Personalized Magnets (30 Baby Themed Designs)
Personalized Pocket Mirrors ( Choose From 30 Different Designs)
16 Ounce Custom Mason Jars
Bear-y Cute Bookmark for Boys / Girls - Choose Blue or Pink
12 Ounce Custom Mason Jar Glasses
Baby Lion Trinket Box
Sock Monkey Place Card Photo Frames
Playing Cards In A Personalized Box
Loving Spoonful Ice Cream Scoops
Satin Metal Photo Frames
Personalized Manicure Sets
Personalized Mini Milk Bottles
Decorative Elephant Candle Holders
Customized Notebook Favors With Pen
Personalized Christening Or Baptism Notebook Favors
Birth Announcement Lollipops
Customized Lip Balm
Personalized Metal Mint Boxes Favors
Customized Metal Water Bottles
Personalized Purse Hangers For Tables
Personalized Luggage Tags
Animal Theme Deck Of Cards (20 Animal Designs)
Animal Theme Luggage Tags (20 Different Designs)
Customized Glass Mason Jars
Personalized Mini Heart Candy Jars
Personalized White Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Personalized Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes
Personalized Cordial Glasses
Personalized Glass Mugs
Personalized Shot Glass / Candle Holders
Personalized Glass Champagne Flutes
Personalized 12 Ounce Wine Glasses
Personalized Pint Glasses
Personalized Votive Candles
Personalized 9 Ounce Stemless Wine Glasses
Custom Glass Teddy Bear Jars
Cute Animal Theme Lemonade Packets
Vintage Mini-Candy Jars With Custom Labels
Personalized Baby Theme Gum Boxes (69 Designs)
Personalized Round Mint Tins
Personalized Scented Travel Candles
Heart Shaped Scented Candles
Personalized Frosted Glass Candle Holders
Customized Glass Goody Jars
Personalized Round Travel Mirrors
Customized Key Rings
Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers
Personalized Compact Sewing Kit
Personalized Lollipops (24 Unique Designs)
Personalized Carriage Shaped Boxes
Personalized White Favor Boxes
Personalized Magnetic Memo Clips
Personalized Animal Design Notebooks
Animal Theme Custom Lollipops (20 Animal Designs)
Baby Theme Lemonade Packets (69 Design Choices)
Customized Baby Design Hot Cocoa Packs
�Hatching Time� Egg Timer favor
Spot of Tea Key Chain & Tape Measure Favors
Key to My Heart Tape Measure
Umbrella Measuring Tape Key Chains
Personalized Baby Design Mini Notebooks (69 Designs)
Personalized Skin Cream Lotion (69 Cute Designs)
Personalized Lip Balm Jars (69 Cute Baby Designs)
Personalized Baby Theme Sugar Cookie Mix
Personalized Animal Design Favor Bags (Sets of 12)
Personalized Animal Themed Muffin Mix
Baby Animals Theme Personalized Sugar Cookie Mix
Customized Lemonade Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Regular or Mango Margarita Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Metal Bookmarks
Custom Personalized Lip Balm Favors
Personalized Measuring Tape Key Chains
Personalized Bottle Openers
Customized Playing Cards
Personalized Gift Bags With Matching Kisses (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Kisses (31 Designs Available)
Personalized Lemon Drop Martini Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Honey Jars (29 Designs Available)
Silver Metal Owl Bookmarks
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures Wrapper (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cosmopolitan Mix (28 Designs Available)
Timeless Crystal Baby Carriages
Adorable Crystal Baby Shoe
Personalized Chocolate Pretzels (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey Bar Wrappers (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Little Critters Tissue Packets
Coordinated Mini Gift Bags (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey Bars (28 Designs Available)
Creative Cocoa Mix Packs (28 Designs Available)
Custom Tea Packets (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cappuccino Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Lil Critters Hot Cocoa Mix
Crystal Angel Favor
Personalized Animal Theme Gum Boxes
Personalized Animal Themed Mint Tins (20 Designs)
Personalized Little Critters Mini-Candy Jars
Customized Locking Glass Jars
Pink Crystal Pacifiers
Personalized Baby Theme Box Bags (Sets of 12)
Personalized Baby Theme Lollipops (69 Cute Designs)
Personalized Baby Themed Flower Seed Packs
Personalized Muffin Mix
Personalized Peppermint Patties (30 Designs Available)
Personalized Baby Themed Mint Tins
Personalized Animal Themed Wildflower Seed Packets
Prakruti Elephant Candles
Teddy Bear Design Key Chains
Playful Crystal Choo Choo
Elegant Crystal Pacifiers