Parents Guide to Child Car Safety
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Parents Guide to Child Car Safety

During the course of a normal day we take for granted our usual trips in the car. We get in, start the car and go to our destination, whether it be for work or for pleasure. Most of the time we don't really give too much thought about safety. We may be thinking about something else or in a discussion with another passenger, and not be as aware of our car safety. However, with children in the car it is imperative that you make sure that the child is safe while in the car. After all, it's not just common sense - it's the law!

When the automobile was first invented, safety was the furthest from people's mind. The horseless carriage was created to help transport people faster and more efficiently. Over the course of time, automobile manufacturers have looked at safety as a big concern and have adopted measures such as air bags, seat belts, crash protection and many others. While these advances have made cars safer drivers still should have many concerns especially when children are in the car.

Adults and older children have the ability to ensure that they are safe in autos and wear seat belts properly. Babies and young children do not have that ability. They need to rely on adults to ensure that they are safe and properly placed in the car. That includes making sure that the child is in a proper car safety seat that is appropriate for the age and weight.

There was a time not so long ago that seat belts were not required in cars. During this time children were either sitting on a seat on their own, in the back of a station wagon or pickup truck without being secured or even sitting on the lap of another passenger. Unfortunately because of this behavior, which was legal, many children suffered injuries or died. This has prompted the massive changes to safety that are currently in place.

To help parents learn more about keeping your child safe while in cars, please feel free to review the following information, and feel free to share it with other new parents.