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Lowest Price Guarantee
We know you have better things to do when you’re busy planning your baby shower or buying baby gifts for that new arrival than worry about whether you could have saved money on your shopping. That's why...we guarantee you the lowest prices with 100% Price Protection!

As one of the top ranked online baby gifts stores, we negotiate the best pricing with all of the manufacturers and vendors we work with and we absolutely refuse to be undersold.

If you find an item elsewhere (within 7 days of your purchase from us) for a lower price, you will be eligible for our "100% price protection" program.

Here's how it works:

The item must be the identical product, color, packaging, manufacturer, etc. The price you wish us to match must be verifiable on the Internet. The competitor's advertisement must be current and the product must be in stock.

We will only match prices on items made by the same manufacturer. “Knock-off” or counterfeit items of designer manufacturers will not be matched. For example, if it is a Kate Aspen brand favor, it must be authentic, not just "similar" as many of the knock-off items sold on the internet.

If you ask us to match a price, the competitor's shipping and handling charges and sales tax, if applicable, will be taken into account.

Cost for 100 shower favors plus shipping at
Cost for 100 shower favors plus shipping on another web site:
Refund to you:
$    4.00

Competitors coupons or promotions for first time or one time use will be considered non-verifiable and therefore not accepted for the low price guarantee.

Shipments to Texas are subject to 6.25% sales tax and will not be included as part of the price match calculation. NOTE: Please allow 5-7 business days following your price match request for your refund to be processed. Price matches will not be honored on "Going out of business," "Liquidation Sales" or companies in distress.

We reserve the right to deny any price match on an item that is not in stock with a competitor or does not meet the criteria of our price match policy.