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Jaclyn Hill's Bio
Jaclyn Hill's Bio
Jaclyn Hill is an accomplished author and noted speaker on the subjects of child development, health and psychology. She is the author of the articles published on the Simply Unique Baby Gifts website where she also enjoys sharing ideas about baby gifts and baby showers.

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BA in communications and psychology, Jaclyn’s innate abilities propelled her to executive positions with various companies throughout her career; it was after her third child that she decided to leave corporate America to devote more time to her family and local community.

Since then, she has worked with many organizations helping children and families in her community through volunteer work, writing and speaking. An advocate for the health and safety of babies and children everywhere, she also enjoys reading, gardening and quiet summer nights outdoors. You can contact Jaclyn through our website or by email at simplybabies4@gmail.com

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