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Favors Under $2.00
duck design jarsOur inexpensive baby shower favors feature favors priced under $2. Choose from a wide assortment of affordable, practical, and adorable designs to help you decorate for the party and give your guests something they can take home as a remembrance.

Many of these favors can also be personalized with custom labels or tags. This gives you the opportunity to enhance and individualize them with graphics, text, and color combinations to harmonize with your party theme. We also guarantee the lowest prices, so you can be assured of the best values. For questions, please use our contact form or give us a call toll free at: 866-476-0213.

All favors in this section also include free standard delivery.

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Bear-y Cute Bookmark for Boys / Girls - Choose Blue or Pink
Custom Metallic Label Goody Jars
Playing Cards In A Personalized Box
Personalized Magnets (30 Baby Themed Designs)
Pink Baby Sneaker Key Chains
Personalized Pocket Mirrors ( Choose From 30 Different Designs)
Personalized Manicure Sets
Custom Traditional Shot Glasses
Custom Candle Holder Shot Glass
Pink Rocking Horse Picture Frames Favor
Pink Teddy Bear Or Giraffe Frames
Blue Lion Or Teddy Bear Photo Frames
Theatre Popcorn Boxes (Priced in Sets of 24)
Sparkling Cross Candles
Crystal Baby Bootie Key Chain
Vintage Design Cross Key Chain
Spring Time Daisy Favor Boxes (Priced in Sets of 24)
Sock Monkey Place Card Photo Frames
Satin Metal Photo Frames
Blue Bear Place Card Holders
Blue Baby Shoe Key Chains
Merry Monkey Key Chains (Out of Stock)
Silver and Pink Pram Keychains
Customized Notebook Favors With Pen
Personalized Christening Or Baptism Notebook Favors
Teddy Bear Design Key Chains
Cross Design Mint Tins
Personalized Lollipops (24 Unique Designs)
Customized Lip Balm
Personalized Baby Theme Lollipops (69 Cute Designs)
Personalized Metal Mint Boxes Favors
Personalized Round Mint Tins
Personalized Scented Travel Candles
Customized Glass Goody Jars
Metal Angel Key Chains
Personalized Round Travel Mirrors
Customized Key Rings
Birth Announcement Lollipops
Animal Themed Custom Glass Mini-Bottles
Personalized Luggage Tags
Personalized Animal Themed Wildflower Seed Packets
Umbrella Measuring Tape Key Chains
Customized Locking Glass Jars
Personalized Li’l Critters Hot Cocoa Mix
Personalized Little Critters Tissue Packets
Animal Theme Custom Lollipops (20 Animal Designs)
Personalized Lip Balm Jars (69 Cute Baby Designs)
Spot of Tea Key Chain & Tape Measure Favors
Customized Baby Design Hot Cocoa Packs
Personalized Compact Sewing Kit
Personalized Metal Bookmarks
Sock Monkey Place Card Photo Frames
Custom Personalized Lip Balm Favors
Personalized Measuring Tape Key Chains
Personalized Bottle Openers
Customized Playing Cards
Personalized Baby Theme Box Bags (Sets of 12)
‘Key to My Heart’ Tape Measure
Personalized Animal Themed Wildflower Seed Packets
Personalized Skin Cream Lotion (69 Cute Designs)
Customized Lemonade Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Animal Design Notebooks
Personalized Animal Theme Gum Boxes
Personalized Mini Heart Candy Jars
Personalized Baby Design Mini Notebooks (69 Designs)
Vintage Mini-Candy Jars With Custom Labels
Personalized Baby Christening Mint Boxes (35 Designs)