Daddy and Baby Bonding Tips
Posted May 13, 2013 by Jaclyn Hill | Follow Jaclyn Hill on Google+
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Daddy and Baby Bonding Tips

As a new father, do you sometimes feel like you are on the sidelines during your babyís infancy?

It is understandable that sitting and waiting for mom to pop that baby out can make you feel a little left out.

While it is true that moms get to experience the pregnancy and typically stay home with baby for the first year or so, there are many things a dad can do to be a part of that as well.

Hereís how to achieve a great connection from the start with your baby:

  • Talk Up A Storm- It is a known fact that baby can hear you talk while in the womb. Dads can regularly talk or sing to the womb to ensure baby will recognize his voice when he is brought into this world. It doesnít matter what you say, just the rhythm of your voice will be remembered by you little one.
  • Coach- Be the coach to your babyís delivery. Take as much part as you can during the birth, cut the umbilical cord and be the first to hold the baby. This will forever bond you with your baby.
  • Massage The Baby- Not only does this help you connect with baby, it also helps babyís digestion, eases colic and tension, helps with breathing and encourages growth spurts. We recommend daddy applying the baby lotion after bath time and giving a soothing massage.
  • Bath Time For Two?- Thatís right! Daddy...get into that tub with baby! Many infants are startled by bath time and itís a great way to soothe baby when they see papa in the tub with them.
  • Attached At The Hip- This just in, the newest fashion trend for dads-wearing their baby. Carry your baby everywhere you can. Put baby in a sling or a carrier and do what you do. Take baby along when you are getting some household chores done or grabbing the mail.
  • Dance Daddy Dance!- Take your baby in your arms or strap him to you and dance about. Babies love to be slowly rocked and swayed. Taking your little one in your arms and dancing around is an excellent way to bond with your baby.
  • Be A Pro- Get to know your babyís routine and be a part of it. New dads take just as much time to adjust as new moms when it comes to a newborn being around. Help with the changing and the feeding if you can. Be there and talk to baby to soothe if baby is fussy and mom is having a hard time. Just you being there and being around the baby helps create a connection.
  • Outside Time- Take your new little bundle of joy for a walk outside. The fresh air will do the both of you good and babies love all the new sights, sounds and smells. Get baby ready and put him in the stroller for a walk around the block, experiencing the new exciting things outside only makes your bond stronger with your baby.
  • Silly Daddy- Play, play, play with the baby. A silly daddy equals a happy smiling baby. Laugh as much as you can with your baby. This will create an everlasting bond between you two.

So remember, talk up a storm, be the coach, massage the baby, bathe with the little one, strap baby to you whenever you can, dance, be a pro at your babyís schedule, play and experience new things with baby like taking them for a walk outside.
If you canít do this every day donít worry, do it as much as you can to create that special bond between father and child.

Most importantly...have fun!!