Baby Sprinkles
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Baby Sprinkles

What is a baby sprinkle?
Weíve been hearing this question more and more lately as it appears baby sprinkles are becoming more main stream today. Similar to a baby shower, a baby sprinkle is simply a way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby who is not the motherís first. Although somewhat new to most people, sprinkles have been around for years as a way to alter tradition and rejoice in the impending new arrival.

How is it different than a shower?
While proper etiquette has always been that baby showers are only appropriate for a motherís first child, times are always changing, traditions are often modified and many people have decided that every new life is worth celebrating. As the name implies, a sprinkle is a lighter version of a baby shower, it is usually smaller, less formal, does not include a gift registry and since it is not for the first child, gifts are sometimes omitted or geared toward newborn essentials instead which are sure to be needed. Many sprinkles are held as a casual luncheon, brunch or outdoor barbecue. While many classic baby shower themes are used, some opt for other creative themes around in sync with the low key aspect such as a Diaper Party, Baby BBQ or a New Baby Sister Party.

Baby Sprinkle Gifts?
Some moms are not comfortable with gifts being the focus of the party and will request that guests do not bring gifts on the invitation. Others may downplay the gifts and mention necessities like diapers, lotions, baby wipes and such. Many baby shower gifts include bigger infant necessities like cribs, playards, car seats, furniture and outfits. Except perhaps for the car seat, most of those things can be handed down and arenít really necessary for the new sibling unless that baby is a different gender. If so, there will certainly be a need for new clothes in different colors, blankets and gender specific toys. Of course, some friends and family will bestow bigger ticket items simply because they want to, whether itís a shower or sprinkle for the first or seventh child. There are no set rules for gift giving that cannot be broken when it is time to shop for a new baby!
Popular gift suggestions include:
  • Diaper Cakes
  • Outfits and Onesies
  • Keepsakes
  • Blankets
  • Older Sibling Gifts

It's a Party!
There are some who hold steadfastly to the notion that showers are only for the first child and itís disrespectful to expect guests to shower every baby with gifts. But as with most traditions, rigidity fades in time and it all depends on what mom and the guests are comfortable with. So, if youíre thinking of planning a sprinkle, just do a little checking with mom, family and friends, then just keep the spotlight on the excitement surrounding the new arrival and have great time!

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