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Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas
Here are some baby shower centerpiece ideas to help you in planning a baby shower. This is only a small sample of our centerpieces. To see the complete selection of our baby themed bouquets, you may want to explore our huge baby diaper cakes category. Diaper cakes come in a variety of sizes, colors and themes and are the perfect addition to the tables.

Or you may prefer our baby bouquets, Any of these selections are going to be fun, decorative and practical. Enjoy saving more with our free shipping on every order! Call us toll-free at 866-476-0213 with any questions.

Pink Baby Cardigan Clothes Bouquet   $67.95
Here is a unique baby girl gift as well as a cute centerpiece idea! Artistically put together to look like a bouquet, it features a 100% cotton cardigan outfit and more....

Baby Bear Pink 3 Tier Diaper Cake   $109.95
It's A Girl! This large 3 tier diaper cake makes a great gift and centerpiece for a shower. 3 adorable washcloth "candles" and a plush ...

3 Tier Diaper Cake For Mom & Her Girl   $119.95
This luxurious Diaper Cake is a true delight. It comes with 87 products for mom and her baby girl! Includes many skincare items ...

Baby Diaper Cupcakes   $64.95
Everyone loves cupcakes, so everyone is going to love these! Come in 3 colors and make a great conversation starter when used as a centerpiece decoration! BGCBDC ...

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