Baby Safety Tips for New Parents
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Baby Safety Tips for New Parents

Babies are one of the most remarkable gifts that we have, and parents have the opportunity to watch and enjoy the development of their babies from birth on up. During this development period babies start as being totally reliant on parents for every aspect of life. But over time children start to crawl, walk, eat by themselves and eventually they start to become independent individuals. However, during this time parents need to be concerned about a multitude of potential dangers for their children. These dangers must be appropriately addressed to ensure that the children grow up healthy and safe.

The concerns of parents should begin before the baby is born. Proper prenatal care in the form of getting proper rest, regular doctor visits and proper nutrition are important in making sure that the child is developing properly. Once the baby is born the safety concerns are focused around the home. Having a safe place for the baby to rest is important, including making sure that the baby is not facing any suffocation risks in their cribs.

When the baby leaves home safety is also a major concern. While riding in automobiles children need to be in an approved child carrier until they are big enough to ride in a car seat. Parents need to make sure that the seat or carrier is fastened securely so that the child is safe in the event of an accident or sudden stop. Also, it is equally important to make sure that the child is in an appropriate sized car seat.

There are many other concerns that parents need to be aware of while children are growing up. They include baby proofing the home so that once the child is mobile they cannot reach any hazardous items. In addition, parents should be aware of any food allergies that the child may develop and keep these items from the child. By being aware of dangerous items and furniture in the home, parents can either remove the items or make them safer for the child.

To help parents learn more about child safety, we have put together this handy list of resources. Please feel free to review these resources often, and also share them with others who can benefit from the information.

  • Safe Sleep for Babies In this article from the Public Health Department of the State of Oregon you will learn about sleep safety for babies.
  • Infant Sleep Safety This helpful page from the American Academy of Pediatrics provides guidelines on how to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • SIDS and Sleep Article from the National Sleep Foundation which provides information on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and babies.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Causes Information from the Mayo Clinic with possible causes of SIDS in babies.
  • Rear Facing Car Seats Informative page which discusses car seats and carriers for newborns to toddler age.
  • Choosing a Car Seat In this article from the Children's Hospital Colorado you will receive information about the proper car seat for your child.
  • Child Safety Seat Chart This chart provides parents with a guideline for the proper type of child seat by weight and age.
  • Cars and Babies - Information for parents on safety issues for babies while riding in cars.
  • Child Passenger Information Informative government page with information for parents about having children as passengers in cars.
  • Babyproofing 101 - This page from provides parents with a guide to babyproofing the home.
  • How to Babyproof In this WebMD article you will get information on how parents can babyproof a home.
  • Childproofing and Safety Web page which provides an overview of child safety at home.
  • Baby Food and Formula - General information for parents on the handling and feeding of baby food to babies.
  • Baby Health This article from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides parents with feeding information.
  • Keeping Your Baby's Food Safe Michigan State University Extension article which provides a guide to keeping baby food safe.
  • Food Safety Tips This article features a number of areas of concerns for parents of children for food safety.
  • Allergies and Symptoms Article which discusses baby allergy symptoms and remedies.
  • Child Safety at Home Article which provides an overview for parents on keeping children safe at home.
  • Consumer Safety Devices Useful page from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which lists 12 safety devices for the home.
  • Child Safety Medline Plus page which lists a number of child safety topics.
  • Child Safety Resources - This article contains information and resources on many safety topics of interest for parents.