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Edible Baby Shower Favors

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Edible Favors
candy bar Edible baby shower favors are a unique way to present your family and guests with fun and tasty treats. We have everything from chocolate bar favors to baby shower lollipop favors or even coffee, cappuccino and exotic drink mixes. Most everything can also be personalized with special graphics, different color combinations and lines of custom text. Our handy tag and label designer makes it easy to design your own tags or labels as you see what each color and graphic will look like. Once you are finished, one click adds all your design elements into your order automatically. Choose your colors, backgrounds, graphics and text while you have fun creating your very own design.

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Bee My Honey Personalized Clover Honey (Priced in Sets of 12)
Personalized Chocolate Pretzels (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures (28 Designs Available)
Iced Tea Baby Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Lollipop Favors (24 Unique Designs)
Baby Theme Lemonade Favors (20 Designs)
Customized Baby Design Hot Cocoa Favors
Unique Customized Coffee Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Baby Theme Gum Box Favors (69 Designs)
Personalized Baby Themed Hot Chocolate Mix
Cute Animal Theme Lemonade Favors
Baby Shower Tea Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Honey Baby Favors (29 Designs Available)
Personalized Liíl Critters Hot Cocoa Mix
Animal Theme Baby Shower Lollipops (20 Animal Designs)
Personalized Animal Themed Muffin Mix
Creative Baby Shower Cocoa Favors (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cappuccino Mix (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cosmopolitan Mix Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Regular or Mango Margarita Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Lemon Drop Martini Mix (28 Designs Available)
Lemonade Baby Shower Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey Bar Favors (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Peppermint Patties (30 Designs Available)
Baby Animals Theme Personalized Sugar Cookie Mix
Personalized Hershey Bar Wrappers (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures Wrapper (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Gift Bags With Matching Kisses (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Kisses (31 Designs Available)
Animal Themed Hot Apple Cider Favors (21 Different Designs)
Personalized Animal Theme Gum Boxes
Personalized Baby Shower Favor Lollipops (69 Cute Designs)
Birth Announcement Lollipops
Personalized Baby Themed Cappuccino Favors
Personalized Muffin Mix Baby Shower Favors
Baby Shower Favors Mint Boxes (56 Designs Available)
Personalized Baby Christening Mint Boxes (35 Designs)