Crystal And Glass Baby Shower Favors

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Crystal & Glass Favors
Wine Glass Crystal and glass baby shower favors are sure to add a touch of class to the decor for your party. We have everything from exquisite crystal favors, screen printed wine glasses or glass votive candle holders - all are sure to impress!

As versatile as they are beautiful, these can be used as part of the table setting or decor as well as a lovely keepsake to commemorate the special day. These exceptional items are perfect for Birthday, Christening or Baptism celebrations as well as any event where you want to provide the very best!

Whichever you choose, our Lowest Price Guarantee and Free Shipping assures you of the best values on everything in the store.

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12 Ounce Custom Mason Jar Glasses
Personalized Party Glasses
Custom Wine Tasting Glasses
Custom Designed Tall Glasses
Personalized 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses
Exquisite Murano Pink Glass Pacifiers
16 Ounce Custom Mason Jars
Customized Black Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Personalized White Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Personalized Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes
Personalized Cordial Glasses
Custom Traditional Shot Glasses
Custom Candle Holder Shot Glass
Crystal Baby Carriage Favor
Custom Metallic Label Goody Jars
Personalized Glass Mugs
Personalized Shot Glass / Candle Holders
Customized Frosted Glass Candles
Personalized Glass Champagne Flutes
Personalized 12 Ounce Wine Glasses
Personalized Pint Glasses
Blessed Crystal Cross Key Chains
Playful Crystal Choo Choo
Dual Glass Pink Photo Frame
Pink Glass Photo Frame Coasters
Elegant Crystal Pacifiers
Elegant Crystal Carousel
Lovable Crystal Teddy Bear With Pink Heart
Blue Heart Crystal Teddy Bear
Swirled Glass Cross Key Chain
Brilliant Crystal Baby Bottle Key Chains
Timeless Crystal Baby Carriages
Adorable Crystal Baby Shoe
Crystal Angel Favor
'Itís A Boy' Crystal Blue Pacifiers
Pink Crystal Pacifiers
Pink Design Votive Candle Holders
Animal Themed Custom Glass Mini-Bottles
Glass Chalice Candle With Cross Or Angel Design
Sparkling Cross Candles
Blessed Angel Candle
Crystal Cross Christening Favors
Personalized Little Critters Mini-Candy Jars
Vintage Mini-Candy Jars With Custom Labels
Customized Glass Mason Jars
Baby Themed Personalized Glass Bottles (69 Cute Designs)
Personalized 9 Ounce Stemless Wine Glasses
Personalized Mini Heart Candy Jars
Customized Locking Glass Jars
Custom Glass Teddy Bear Jars
16 Ounce Custom Mason Jars
Divine Angel Candle Holder Favors
Sacred Cross Candle Party Favors
Personalized Votive Candles
Personalized Frosted Glass Candle Holders
Customized Glass Goody Jars
Blessed Madonna Plaque Religious Party Favor
Crystal Baby Bootie Key Chain
Personalized Stemless Glass Flutes
Personalized Tavern Style Glasses
Personalized Mini Milk Bottles