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Coed Baby Shower Favors - Unisex Favors

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Coed Favors
candy jar Co-ed baby shower favors are designed with neutral tones and themes to be appropriate for every baby celebration. Whether it's for a girl, boy or surprise gender baby, you will find lots of cute ideas with elegance, whimsy or both! These neutral themed items are also perfect for decorating any type of baby or toddler party like birthdays or religious events. Many of these will serve as wonderful keepsakes to give to your guests as a remembrance of your special day.

Whichever you choose, our Lowest Price Guarantee and Free Shipping policy assures you of the best favor values on everything we sell!

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Baby Block Place Card Holders
Baby Block Favor Boxes
Personalized White Metal Water Bottles
Personalized Acrylic Shot Glasses
Customized Frosted Glass Candles
Crystal Baby Bootie Key Chain
Personalized Stemless Glass Flutes
Theatre Popcorn Boxes (Priced in Sets of 24)
Custom Acrylic Champagne Flutes
Personalized Tavern Style Glasses
Personalized Travel Mugs
Jungle Theme Box Candles
Baby Ducky Soap
Custom Traditional Shot Glasses
Itís Baby Time Teapot Timer
Baby Lion Trinket Box
Zebra Pattern Glass Picture Frames
Playful Monkey Candles
Personalized Espresso Mugs
Owl Design Picture Frames
Sock Monkey Place Card Photo Frames
Loving Spoonful Ice Cream Scoops
Custom Wine Tasting Glasses
Custom Candle Holder Shot Glass
Baby Buttons Place Card Holders
Elephant Place Card Holders
Baby Monkey Place Card Holders
Spring Time Daisy Favor Boxes (Priced in Sets of 24)
Satin Metal Photo Frames
Zebra Print Mirror Compacts
Baby Buttons Key Chain
Merry Monkey Key Chains
Merry Monkey Bookmarks
Darling Baby Metal Bookmarks
Baby Feet Keychains
Personalized Mini Milk Bottles
Prakruti Elephant Candles
Decorative Elephant Candle Holders
Baby Monkey Charm Boxes
Cute Caterpillar Candles
Little Piggy Candles
Little Ladybug Candles
Silver Metal Owl Bookmarks
Little Baby Shoes Keepsake Box
Baby Inspired Measuring Spoons
Classic Mini Gumball Machine Favors
Personalized 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glasses
Blessed Cross Key Chains
Playful Crystal Choo Choo
Swirled Glass Cross Key Chain
Customized Lip Balm Tubes
Personalized Metal Mint Boxes
Customized Metal Water Bottles
Little Book of Memories Photo Album
Personalized White Or Silver Boxes
Customized Glass Teddy Bear Jars
Customized Ebony Boxes
Customized Glass Mason Jars
Personalized Mini Heart Jars
Christening & Baptism Picture Frames With Cross Or Angel
Personalized White Ceramic Jars
Divine Angel Candle Holders
Sacred Cross Designed Candle Holders
Ivory and Brown Gift Box Candles
Customized Black Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Personalized White Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Unique Customized Coffee Bags (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes
Personalized Cordial Glasses
Personalized Glass Coffee Mugs
Personalized Shot Glass / Candle Holders
Personalized Glass Champagne Flutes
Personalized Wine Glasses
Personalized Pint Glasses
Personalized Votive Candles
Animal Theme Deck Of Cards (20 Animal Designs)
Animal Theme Luggage Tags (20 Different Designs)
Jungle Animal Place Card Holders
Personalized Baby Themed Luggage Tags (69 Cute Designs)
Baby Theme Playing Cards (69 Designs)
Personalized Round Mint Tins
Customized Glass Goody Jars
Personalized Mini Buckets
Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers
Sock Monkey Place Card Photo Frames
Personalized Measuring Tape Key Chains
Personalized Bottle Openers
Customized Playing Cards
Animal Themed Custom Mini-Bottles
Baby Themed Personalized Glass Bottles (69 Cute Designs)
Personalized Iced Tea Packets (28 Designs Available)
Cute Animal Theme Lemonade Packets
Vintage Mini-Candy Jars With Custom Labels
Personalized Baby Theme Gum Boxes (69 Designs)
Elegant Style Personalized Candle Tins
Personalized Lollipops (24 Unique Designs)
Personalized Carriage Shaped Boxes
Creative Cocoa Mix Packs (28 Designs Available)
Custom Tea Packets (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cappuccino Mix (28 Designs Available)
Baby Theme Lemonade Packets (69 Design Choices)
Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses
Customized Baby Design Hot Cocoa Packs
Personalized Baby Themed Mint Tins
Ivory White Miniature Boxes (Priced in sets of 12)
Miniature Favor Boxes (Priced in sets of 12)
Satin Bows (Pricing is for each Set of 12)
Personalized Magnetic Memo Clips
Little Piggy Banks
"Bun In The Oven" Cinnamon Bun Candles
Personalized Hershey Bars (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Chocolate Pretzels (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey Bar Wrappers (28 Designs Available)
Coordinated Mini Gift Bags (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures Wrapper (28 Designs Available)
Customized Cosmopolitan Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Miniatures (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Honey Jars (29 Designs Available)
Personalized Gift Bags With Matching Kisses (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Hershey's Kisses (31 Designs Available)
Personalized Lemon Drop Martini Mix (28 Designs Available)
Customized Lemonade Mix (28 Designs Available)
Personalized Regular or Mango Margarita Mix (28 Designs Available)
Sweet Memories Photo Album & Place Card Holder
Guardian Angel Frames
Metal Angel Key Chains
Guardian Angel Place Card Holders
Owl Design Keepsake Box
Cross Design Metal Photo Frame
Guardian Angel Key Chains
Little Bees Party Favor Candles
Personalized Peppermint Patties (30 Designs Available)
Personalized Baby Theme Box Bags (Sets of 12)
Personalized Lollipops (69 Cute Designs)
Birth Announcement Lollipops
Personalized Baby Themed Flower Seed Packs
Personalized Baby Themed Cappuccino Favors
Personalized Muffin Mix
Personalized Liíl Critters Hot Cocoa Mix
Animal Theme Custom Lollipops (20 Animal Designs)
Personalized Animal Design Favor Bags (Sets of 12)
Personalized Animal Themed Muffin Mix
Baby Animals Theme Personalized Sugar Cookie Mix
Animal Themed Hot Apple Cider Packs (21 Different Designs)
Personalized Little Critters Tissue Packets
Personalized Animal Theme Gum Boxes
Personalized Animal Themed Mint Tins (20 Designs)
Personalized Little Critters Mini-Candy Jars
Animal Theme Personalized Square Candle Tins
Personalized Animal Themed Wildflower Seed Packets
Animal Themed Personalized Round Candle Tins