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stork cake Baby diaper cakes are an ideal gift idea for baby showers and baby sprinkles or simply to welcome the little one home. Both decorative and functional, a diaper cake can include blankets, skin care items, toys and other infant necessities.

Each one is carefully hand crafted by our skilled artisans and we have many adorable themes, sizes and designs to choose from. Many are so beautiful they have even been used as a centerpiece at the shower!

All items in each cake are 100% usable and assembled to make it easy to remove the items as needed. Choose from many colors and styles designed for baby girls and boys as well as gender neutral themes for that baby who remains a surprise! We believe in nothing but the best for you and the special babies in your life!

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My First Holidays Personalized Diaper Cake
Personalized Elephant Diaper Cake In 2 Sizes
Little Horsie Centerpiece Cake
The Feeding Time Diaper Cake
Bath Time Organic Diaper Cake
Jungle Theme Diaper Cake
Dr. Seuss Theme Diaper Cake
Busy Baby Diaper Cake
Eco Friendly Diaper Cake
Clean & Green Organic Diaper Cake
First Year Baby Shower Cake
Diaper Cake For Twins
Cute Giraffe Diaper Cake in Pink or Blue
Pink Puppy Pals Diaper Cake
Baby Almost Hatched (3 Colors Available)
Organic Fun Diaper Cake (Bear Or Bunny) (Out of Stock)
Personalized Froggy & Friends
Baby Bear Pink 3 Tier Cake
Baby Bear 3 Tier Cake For Boys
Teddy Bear 3 Tier Diaper Cake
Large Stork Boy Diaper Cake
Stork Themed In Pink
Floral Design Diaper Cakes (14 Different Colors & Designs)
Personalized Jungle Buddies Cake
Ballerina Newborn Cake
Baby Girl Diaper Bike
Baby Boy Diaper Trike
The Yellow Stork Diaper Cake
Plush Puppy 4 Tier Diaper Cake
Personalized Floppy Bunny Cake
Pink Baby Cake & Bottle
Pink And Blue Diaper Cake For Twins
Baby Cake and Bottle Set For Boys
Cuddle Bear Diaper Cake In Blue
Three Tier Cuddly Bear In Pink
Puppy Love Pink Centerpiece
Ballerina To Be First Birthday Diaper Cake
Hugging Puppy Diaper Cake ( Can be personalized)
Unisex 2 Tier Baby Diaper Carriage Cake
Baby Boy 2 Tier Diaper Carriage Cake
Baby Girl Pink Pram Design
4 Tier Blue Teddy Bears Diaper Cake
4 Tier Pink Elephant Theme Diaper Cake
4 Tier Diaper Cake Ducky Design
Blue Giraffe Diaper Cake
Pink Giraffe Cake
Baby Diaper Cupcakes (Pink Blue or Yellow)
Blue Diaper Cake With Corsage
Pink Corsage Diaper Cake
Yellow Giraffe Design Neutral Diaper Cake
Baby Boy Towel Cake
Baby Girl Towel Cake
Giraffe Design Baby Towel Cake
Infant Layette Items Cake
3 Level Blue Elephant Diaper Cake for Boys
Stork And Baby Bear Diaper Cake
Large Blue Diaper Cake With Puppy Design
Baby Bottle Pinata
Puppy Theme In Blue
Elegant Pure White Diaper Cake
Farm Theme Diaper Cake
3 Layers For Triplets
Baby Lamb 3 Tier Girl Diaper Cake
Baby Pink Elephant Cake
Plush Lamb 3 Tier Boy Diaper Cake
Minky Blue Elephant Diaper Cake
3 Tier Pink Elephant Cake For Girls
Stork Delivery For A Girl
Boy's Three Tier Centerpiece
Baby Girl Cake With Corsage
Plush Elephants For Twin Babies
Twins Sandwich Set
Colorful Caterpillar Newborn Set