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Baby Sock Bouquets
Pink Bouquet Clothing and sock bouquets are essentially baby outfits or socks rolled and folded to look like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. As a relatively new idea, these unusual bouquets are creative and practical baby shower gifts. They were even featured in an episode of the Martha Stewart Show. The layette items and socks used to create our bouquets are only of premium quality and made of the finest materials. We also feature some organic versions to mesh with an organic lifestyle or sensitive skin.

We have many customers who have used these exciting bouquets as a centerpiece on the tables at the party. Being quite decorative and colorful, they really add to the fun atmosphere and make great conversation starters too! In addition, we also have a special version for the mom with our Baby Sock Corsage!
Infants can go through quite a few outfits and socks each day, so whichever version you choose, it will be a cute and welcome addition to their little wardrobe.

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